Journey to Wasteland

In the land of Wetsfalia, Mesha P. Longbottom is expected to carry on the family tradition of sheepherding. The orphaned boy lives with his grandparents and spends his days slacking off in the pastures, dreaming of the dragons and sorcery. Of course, those sort of things only existed in the stories his father used to tell him…right?

Deciding he doesn’t want wait the rest of his life to find out, Mesha goes against the wishes of his grandparents to head out on an ambitious quest—to seek out the powerful and wise wizard named Arcadia. Determined to prove his father’s stories are true, the wide-eyed and unprepared shepherd quickly realizes the outside world isn’t as safe as his hometown Willerton.

Fortunately, Mesha meets several new companions who agree to accompany him on his journey—the strong and infinitely hungry Driggs, the stubborn and beautiful Piper, and the mysterious warrior tribesman Fang and his pet wolf Luna.

But even with a formidable group of companions, Mesha’s plans looks like a long shot. His companions refuse to let him know the true reasons behind their decision to accompany him and the dark forces of Westfalia seem to come alive at every turn in an effort to prevent them from reaching their goal. And perhaps most dangerous, is the constant doubt that plagues his companions who worry that their journey might be a fool’s errand.

Knowing he can’t do it alone, Mesha’s takes on the daunting task of uniting the group of outsiders and convincing them their journey isn’t for naught. The gangly shepherd knows he won’t be able to gain their respect with fighting skills or sorcery—so he’ll have to prove his his worthiness through acts of determination and sheer bravery.

This book dares to ask a simple question: Will a shield of faith be enough to help a simple shepherd lead his companions to their destination?

E-Book: $3.99

Mysterious Happenings & Conundrums Inc.

Since the day that Tom Middleberry was rejected by the International Federation of Magical Law enforcement he has never been the same. He spends his days at his detective agency Mysterious Happenings and Conundrums Inc. trying to eat, drink, and smoke his tragic life away--until the murders that is. Tom doesn't give up his gluttonous habits, however for the first time there's a sense of purpose in his step.

When a new string of murders accompanied by art theft soon occur, Tom begins to fear that the Federation will take over his jurisdiction and steal the only real case he's ever had. Tom moves quickly to recruit his old partner Charles. Charles is a family man and is reluctant to join forces with his old partner due to differences in character, but when he hears there is prize money involved and a chance to go up against the Federation--he readily accepts. When the Federation comes to the small Louisiana swamp town of Gourmandise, they threaten Tom and Charles with imprisonment if they don't stay away. It is unforeseen if Tom and Charles will cower to the governing body of magic or if they can find a way to solve the murders and evade the Federation.

Mysterious Happenings and Conundrums is a fantasy mystery intended for a young adult audience. It combines dark humor, mystery, magic, and an intriguingly genuine cast that will pull you in from the start and leave you wanting for more when you're through.

E-Book: $2.99