Ashleigh Amoroso Talks Life in ATX and the Recipe for Creating Mouthwatering Food Photography

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Lots of chefs will tell you that cooking is a craft, not an art. But when it comes to food photography, Ashleigh Amoroso shows that this simply isn't the case. The Austin based food photographer maintains a simple yet elegant aesthetic that tells a story. As shown by her workshops (the current one is sold outgo figure) and thousands of followers, this is one story that people simply can't get enough of. 

Being a food photographer—you’re pretty lucky to wind up in Austin. Was this a conscious move or did it happen organically?

I feel super lucky to be here! It was definitely a conscious move to Austin, however I never envisioned myself as a food photographer at the time. I moved here after college and the foodie world kind of fell into my lap through some of the friends I made. I’m super appreciative now of the series of events and folks involved in connecting me to this community that is such an awesome part of Austin.

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Do you have a philosophy when it comes to food styling?

Simple. Beautiful food highlighted with soft natural light, texture, and a little bit of a mess. 

Who do you look up to in terms of aesthetic inspiration?

Oh there are so many…. Penny De Los Santos, Marte Marie Forsberg, Eva Kosmas Flores, Our Food Stories, and Local Milk. 

Got any tips for others hoping to make their food photos stand out?

Find a style that is truly yours. Since I began photographing food I’ve been constantly developing my own eye and aesthetic. With a good grasp on that set up and styling comes so easily. Also, when it comes to editing less is more. 


What do you think sets the Austin food scene apart from the rest of the country? Where would you recommend outsiders to go eat?

The Austin food scene is innovative without pretension. You can dine on fresh fish flown in that morning from Japan in jeans and a t-shirt at one of the nicest restaurants in town. It’s the best. Some of my favorite spots are Sway, Uchiko, Justine’s, and some good ‘ol tacos from Torchy’s.

Does Franklin’s BBQ deserve all of the hype it gets?

Ok, truth be told I haven’t been to Franklin’s since it was just a little trailer a few years ago. I just CAN NOT wait in that line for 6 hours. Can’t do it. But from what I remember, it’s pretty dang great. Although, I will tell you if you’re in Austin and like me aren’t interested in waiting in line at 5am we have a long list of other spots with fantastic BBQ…. Micklethwait, La Barbecue, Freedman’s, Lambert’s and Rudy’s just to name a few.

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How close is iPhone photography to catching up to DSLR? 

Actually, the last workshop I taught was for food photography for Instagram. It was completely geared towards teaching folks how to use their iPhone. I’ve taken some of my favorite photos with the iPhone. It’s a killer camera, and a great place to start dabbling in photography.


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